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What makes Prodapi so valuable?

The cornerstone for true sustainability in the food industry:

Prodapi produces tailor-made vegetable proteins for the food industry with raw materials from regional cultivation as well as renouncement of fossil energy sources.

The path to sustainable nutrition


The raw material for nutrition 3.0 – regional and sustainable.

The yellow pea is a new link in the crop rotation. It binds nitrogen from the air and ensures that less fertilizer can be used overall. Peas are very insensitive and do not require the use of harmful agents. For true sustainability, raw material requirements are ensured from regional cultivation with the shortest possible transport routes.

P.-Plant NO1 – the prototype of a future factory

The factory relies on patented and novel technological production processes. It is a future-factory with year-round production and digitally monitored processes for optimal product quality and minimal use of resources.

Customized, tailormade proteins

While the market is dominated by standard products, customers demand products with specific functional properties that will optimally support the quality of the end products.

Prodapi therefore makes potential customers the offer to jointly develop high-quality proteins with the desired product properties.

The food industry in revolution

Like energy production, the food industry is focusing on a decarbonization strategy. Plant proteins are key in this transformation. Pea protein is increasingly used as a functional ingredient in food production, especially in the industrialized production of meat substitutes.

Prodapi MV builds the P.-Plant NO1

The protein factory

Sustainable and resource-saving

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